About Us

SHOELLIST© was established out of a love for fashion. We support encouraging individualism. Our goal is to unite consumers, curators, and makers of luxury fashion on a worldwide scale.

SHOELLIST© was founded in 2019 with a small online store on Instagram, and our story began here, and we were associated with our customers all over Egypt, and we gradually grew together until we reached the opening of our first store in Cairo at Sheraton Al Matar, and we became a large team that seeks to delight our customers and maintain their trust in us And all our products are replicas of the original ones, and most of them were manufactured in the same original factories of the brand in China We care about quality in the first place, and we also strive to provide it at the lowest price compared to competitors in the Egyptian market

Our first branch was opened in 2023 at 52 Souq El Tawnyat - Sheraton Al Matar